Northern Printmakers
Schongauer to Rembrandt

Fall 2008
Cover Image: Albrecht Dürer, Coat of Arms with Skull, 1503, engraving

Martin Schongauer (Colmar about 1450 - 1491 Brisach)
Die grosze Kreuztragung, c. 1486
The Large Carrying of the Cross

Israhel Van Meckenem (near Reinbach about 1445 - about 1503 Bocholt)
Der zwölfjährige Jesus im Tempel, 1490/1500
The Twelve-Year-Old Jesus in the Temple (Christ Among the Doctors)
Engraving from the Life of the Virgin series, after Hans Holbein

Albrecht Dürer (Nürnberg 1471 - 1528 Nürnberg)
Ritter, Tod und Teufel, 1513
Knight, Death and the Devil

Albrecht Dürer (Nürnberg 1471 - 1528 Nürnberg)
Der velorene Sohn, c. 1496
The Prodigal Son

Lucas Cranach (Kronach 1472 - 1553 Weimer)
Profil Porträt, Martin Luther, (1st state), 1521
Profile Portrait of Martin Luther Wearing His Doctoral Hat

Lucas Cranach (Kronach 1472 - 1553 Weimer)
St. Georg mit zwei Engeln, (2nd state), 1506
St. George Standing with Two Angels

Hans Baldung Grien (Weyersheim near Strassburg 1484 - 1545 Strassburg)
Seven Wild Horses Fighting, 1534
Woodcut: black ink on off-white laid paper

Pieter Bruegel, the Elder (Eindhoven c. 1525 - 1569 Bruxelles)
Landscape with Rabbit Hunters, 1560

Jan Harmensz Muller (Amsterdam 1571 - 1628 Amsterdam)
Cupid and Psyche, (2nd state), c. 1600
Engraving after Bartholomaus Spranger (Antwerp 1546 - 1611 Prague)

Hendrik Goudt (The Hague 1585 - 1648 Utrecht)
Tobias and the Angel, 1613
Engraving after Adam Elsheimer (1578 - 1610)

Lucas Van Leyden (Leyden 1494 - 1553 Leyden)
The Fall of Man, (1st state), c. 1530

Northern Printmakers

Schongauer to Rembrandt

September, 2008

This exhibition focused on northern printmakers of Europe, spanning two centuries from 1490 to 1656. These exceptional works of art concretely place northern printmakers as some of the finest artists in the world. Included are important works by Bosch, Cranach, Goudt, Hopfer, Muller, and Schongauer.