Fifty Drawings
Mantegna to Cézanne to Picasso
March 2008
Cover Image: Andrea Mantegna, Bacchanal with a Wine Vat, Pen and ink wash

Southern Netherlands Master (possibly Tournai)
The Flight into Egypt, c. 1465
Large miniature on a leaf of illuminated manuscript Book of Hours (on vellum)

Paolo Farinati (Verona 1524 - 1606 Verona)
The Triumph of Constantine the Great, c. 1556-1558
Pen, brown ink and black chalk

Raffaello Motto called Raffaellino da Reggio (Reggio Emilia 1550 - 1578 Rome)
Madonna and Child Appearing to Saints John the Baptist and Francis, c. 1575
Pen and brown ink with wash over red chalk; squared in black chalk for transfer

Anne-Louis Girodet-Trioson (Montargis 1767 - 1824 Paris)
Tête du Général Desaix, 1801
Pencil drawing

Jean-Louis Desprez (Auxerre 1743 - 1804 Stockholm)
Design for a Dome-Shaped Room
Pen and brown ink with wash, squared in graphite for transfer

Honoré Daumier (Marseille 1808 - 1879 Valmondois)
L'Accusation (Le Réquisitoire)
Pen and ink wash

Pierre-Auguste Renoir (Limoges 1841 - 1919 Cognes-sur-Mer)
Nu debout, aprés le Bain, c. 1900-1910
Pencil drawing

Fernand Léger (Argentan 1881 - 1955 Gif-sur-Yvette)
Le Village, 1913

Jacques Villon (Damville 1875 - 1963 Puteaux)
Monsieur D(uchamp) lisant, 1913
Pencil on paper

50 Drawings

Mantegna to Cézanne to Picasso

March, 2008

This exhibition explored the history of drawings, through some of Western Art’s iconic nineteenth and twentieth-century artists as well as earlier examples from the sixteenth century. Included are important works by Mantegna, Muller, Ingres, Cézanne, Seurat, Léger, Kirchner, and Schmidt-Rottluff.