Vichy 1898 - 1973 Paris


Louis Neillot was born in Vichy and painted most of his life in his home region, the Bourbonnais, part of the rustic heartland of France. As Neillot liked to say: He had his boots firmly planted in the land of his forbears. His love of color and his closeness to the earth permeated all of the artist’s vibrant landscapes, figures and still-lifes and infused Neillot’s work with a special joy and liveliness.  Influenced by both Armand Guillaumin (1841-1927) and Louis Valtat (1869-1952), Neillot’s figures are strong and calm, his measured brush strokes transforming impressions into expressions of the spirit. In the end, Neillot’s works are perhaps more Expressionist than Impressionist in nature.